Educational Affiliate Form

Weld-Ed is always looking for additional institutions and organizations that are interested in establishing contacts with the National Center. Please fill up the form below:

Weld-Ed Educational Affiliate Enrollment Form


By completing and submitting this Affiliate Enrollment Form, the submitting institution, faculty and/or administrator is confirming their membership eligibility by agreeing to the following terms of affiliation:
1. Enrollment is open to faculty and administrators from secondary schools, 2-year colleges, or 2-year campuses of 4-year colleges, who are currently providing education and training for technicians in materials joining/welding technology.
2. No membership fee is required to enroll and/or maintain membership status during the term of the grant; 06/2011 however, the network will benefit greatly from members who are active in terms of communications, information sharing and participation.
3. Affiliates are requested to provide a brief, semi-annual report to Weld-Ed on the current status of their materials joining/welding technologies education offerings including information on curricula, courses, faculty, enrollment and completions.




Affiliate institutions, faculty and administrators will have access to Weld-Ed affiliate benefits. Affiliate benefits will be fully-defined and updated by Weld-Ed and its affiliates during upcoming Weld-Ed affiliate meetings. Potential benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Opportunities to network with materials joining/welding technologies faculty and administrators of 10 Regional Centers currently offering materials joining/welding technologies education.
2. Access to Weld-Ed networking tools to collaborate and exchange ideas and best practices.
3. Weld-Ed curriculum designs, teaching modules, planning guides, recruitment tools, best practices in materials joining/welding technologies education.
4. Professional development opportunities and technical assistance through Weld-Ed to update, enhance and strengthen materials joining/welding technologies programs.
5. Support and information on increasing program enrollment.
6. Identification of state-wide materials joining/welding technologies employers.
7. News updates on emerging trends in materials joining/welding technologies applications and educational innovations.
8. Information on grant opportunities such as NSF/ATE, DOL grants.
9. Opportunities for Weld-Ed affiliates to attend conferences or workshops.
10. Information on lab equipment availability, used equipment donations or auctions and possible exchange program.
11. Recognition as Weld-Ed affiliate on Weld-Ed website and materials.


By signing or typing your name below, you are affirming that you: 1) meet all affiliation and eligibility requirements and agree to the terms of affiliation as outlined in Section 1: Affiliate Eligibility & Enrollment; and, 2) have provided affiliate contact information as requested in Section 2: Affiliate Contact Information.
Questions? Please e-mail ranand@lorainccc.edu or call 440-366-4930.
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