Industry Support

Weld-Ed thanks Lincoln Electric for its generous support to the instructor's professional development programs offered by the National Center by donating over 100 kits of training material and supporting the training by providing Virtual Simulator at all the four sites: Honolulu Community College (HA), Chattanooga State Technical College (TN), Yuba College (CA) and North Dakota College of Science (ND). Lincoln Electric has also donated tons of supplies to support the training at Yuba College and North Dakota College of Science. Lincoln Electric has been supporting Weld-Ed annual national Welding Conferences at Fabtech by providing guest speakers.

Lincoln Electric has also been very supportive of Weld-Ed's student outreach activities and has been offering field trips to the students. In addition, Lincoln Electric has provided Weld-Ed with Virtual Simulator for the summer camps.


Weld-Ed is thankful to Nelson Stud for its generous donation of Nelweld 6000 and NCD - 60 to the welding lab at Lorain County Community College. The brand new equipment along with the accessories donated was of valued at over $ 45,000. The equipment is used at the welding lab for course WTEC 212 on Fabrication and others.


Hypertherm has sponsored Lunch at the Annual National Welding Conference hosted by Weld-Ed at the Fabtech. During the lunch Hypertherm discussed its New Plasma Cutting Curriculum with the instructors in attendance. Weld-Ed thanks Hypertherm for the support offered during the conference. Hypertherm has also donated instructors training kit to the National Center.


ESAB supports Annual National Welding Conference by providing guest speakers every year. In addition, ESAB has supported Weld-Ed's instructors professional development program by donating 100 training kits to the educators attending the training.


Miller addressed the Annual National Welding conference at the Fabtech show this year. In addition, Miller has also provided 100 training kits for the educators attending summer professional development programs.


Thermadyne presented at the Annual National Welding Conference at the Fabtech show.


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