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One of the biggest challenges to the field of welding / materials joining is that the general public has not kept up with the advances (technologically and demographically) that have been made in the field. Most still have a very narrow view of who works from behind the hood. The reality it far different than most expect. The traditionally male-dominated field has evolved and now includes women, minorities, and people with disabilities. The field has also been infused with a great deal of technology that makes it easier to address today's complicated welding applications and to keep costs at a manageable level.

Listed below are some examples of items that students, parents, and educators can use to help realize what today's welding materials joining field looks like today and see what jobs are available in the industry.


Welding Career Sheets

   what is a weld tech career sheet download bttn  what is a welding engineer career sheet download bttn


marathon welding project video

Mike Rowe speech video

OSU welding video
 Don't miss this fantastic project designed and built by welding students in Fargo for the Fargo Marathon. Meet the runner and the rider in this video!
 Mike Rowe Speaks To Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.  Promotional video for recruitment by Ohio State University.  Discusses sophisticated welding processes and careers in welding.

VRTEX360 video welder vid screenshot  aws promo vid 
 VRTEX 360 is a VRAW (Virtual Reality Arc Welding)training solution. The combination of realistic puddle simulation and arc welding sound tied to the welder's movement provides a realistic, hands on training experience. Learn more about VRTEX 360.  
Degrees that Work, welding video - See what welding professionals do on the job.
"Hot Bikes, Fast Cars, Cool Careers" Video - discusses the current welding industry, careers, & the need for more welders. Produced by the AWS Foundation. Features: Jessi Combs (Xtreme 4x4), Troy Trepanier (Builder of the Year), Bryan Fuller (Two Guts Garage), with an introduction by Jay Leno. Order a copy for yourself or your students.

Ironman comic image
In Demand

Careers In Welding - During the 2008-2009 school year, MAGNET, in partnership with the North Ohio Technology Association (NOTA) and WVIZ IdeaStream, will present a series of six interactive streaming video programs to promote careers in Ohio's advanced manufacturing industries to more than 3,500 Ohio high schools. The program& link above was originally broadcast on November 11, 2008. It features live demonstrations by two Lincoln Electric engineers and a video salute to welders from comedian Jay Leno.


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